Konya Central Campus

Sugar production at Konya Central Campus supplies 22% of sugar requirement in Turkey with Cumra Sugar Factory today in the production period, which began when Konya Seker factory, which is the building block of Konya Central Campus and all campuses, began its activities in 1954.

Satellite supported agriculture project is implemented in Konya Central Campus to produce sugar beet and alternation plants in the healthiest and the most efficient way possible. Soil analyses are conducted by taking soil samples from all fields in the hinterland area with this project and their results are provided instantly for the producers at www.tarkop.com web page, which is a farmer’s portal.

Aiming to be a producing power in the agricultural technology as well in Turkey, Konya Seker has established the University of Food and Agriculture in Konya Central Campus. University of Food and Agriculture, established under the auspices of Konya Seker is the first and the only in the sector in Turkey. Total of 20 students were accepted for the Plant Production and Technologies and Molecular Biology and Genetics Undergraduate programs under Life Sciences programs at the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences, total of 30 students for the Bioengineering, Food Engineering and Computer Engineering Undergraduate programs in Engineering Program and a total of 20 students have been accepted for the International Business and Management and Economy Undergraduate programs in the Social and Human Sciences in the Faculty Economics and Administrative Sciences program during the Fall Semester of 2016/2017 academic year and Konya University of Food and Agriculture was positioned at 25.000 base points success ranking and became the university in Turkey, which accepts students with the highest points in Turkey according to  OSYS (Student Selection and Placement Test) results in 2016.