Human Resources

The aim is to increase employees’ behavioral and professional knowledge and skills with development opportunities that are offered, to give performance based wage, to increase their labor productivity continuously and to provide career opportunities in order to offer quality products and services to customers.


  • To be a pioneer in the sector in Turkey and in the world with integrated human resources applications.
  • To improve business results of all companies with human resources management in line with the Group’s business strategies,
  • To create a qualified, motivated, committed labor force by creating a high performance culture and increasing employee productivity.
  • To increase organizational productivity.
  • To direct our employees towards success continuously by improving them with corporate opportunities and benefits.
  • To provide a healthy, safe and peaceful working environment in terms of worker health and safety
  • To protect and improve all personal rights of the personnel.
  • To reinforce sense of belonging.
  • To be sensitive to equal rights and to respect individual differences.
  • To adopt an environmentally friendly sense of work by being aware of social responsibility.
  • To ensure creation of “Corporate Culture and Awareness” by meeting social and cultural requirements of the personnel,
  • To provide strategic support for creating value for all stakeholders.
  • To ensure provision of ethical rules and equal opportunity in above mentioned policies without exception.