Blood Donor and Organ Donor Campaigns

Organizing blood donor campaigns periodically at all its participations, Konya Seker has blood donor at an amount, which increases in comparison to the previous campaign period, in the framework of the campaign, it carries out with Kizilay. Konya Seker employees donated 1661 units of blood in the last campaign.

Number of donors at Konya Seker, which carries out organ donor campaign at all its participations, has reached 3020 and Konya seker was honored with certificates by the Ministry of Health, due to its success in organ donation in 2012 and 2016, proving that it has fulfilled the social responsibility forthe first time in Turkey.

Reaching 90 per cent in corporate participation in organ donation, Konya Seker also conducted health screening in villages with “health for the producers” project, it brought into being in cooperation with Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Medicine and provided medical materials for those, who needed them.