About us

Roots of Anadolu Birlik Holding goes to Konya Seker Factory, whose foundations were laid by Konya Beet Planters Cooperative in the 1950s. AB Holding was established in 2008 as a roof company of the institutions, formed by horizontal and vertical growth of Konya Seker in the recent years after its foundation.

Konya Seker’s almost second foundation period, which began in 1999, when Recep Konuk was elected chairman, underlies the growth campaign, which led to the foundation of Anadolu Birlik. During this second foundation period, which started 19 years ago, AnadoluBirlik increased its profitability, due to efficiency and good management and increased its active by making 3.8 billion dollars of investment, most of which was paid and covered a very long distance in becoming a global agricultural industry institution from being a local company.

Konya Seker won the tender of privatization of the Thermal Power Plant in Kangal county of Sivas for 985 million dollars. In addition, Konya Seker, which accelerated its energy investments, also purchased Soma Thermal Power Plant for 685.5 million dollars by winning the tender initiated by the Privatization Administration, and increased its installed capacity.

Management philosophy, which brought the growth at the roots of foundation of Anadolu Birlik can be summarized with Hope Project title. Hope Project is a total development model, based on capital and earnings to be spread on the base and which prioritizes development of producers and  economic, social and environmental development of the places, where producers live along with this base.

Hope Project;

  • It considers agricultural activities of producers as a chain from seed to table and prioritizes development of all of this chain. It aims to create demand guarantee for the harvest of producers while aiming to offer natural and healthy products for the end consumers.
  • It ensures development for the villages and places, producers live, via employment and prioritizes economic requirements of the region it is located and Turkey while creating its portfolio. Thus, it targets both local and national development.
  • It puts environmental development in the agenda as a priority. Activities, planned in the scope of Hope Project, prioritize acting almost like a natural part of the environment instead of harming the environment and investments are planned to be a natural part of that region, without leaving any waste, just like in the nature.
  • Social development is also on the agenda as a priority. National and international assistance activities and supports for education, sports and health are planned to contribute total development in the scope of Hope Project.
  • Anadolu Birlik Holding proceeds with the vision of “executing a sustainable model, which improves world standards in agricultural development and agricultural industry integration” and fulfill its responsibility in local and national development through the power, it receives from its partners.